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The St. Vincent’s One Nineteen Aquatics Center includes a six-lane, 25-yard exercise pool, a warm therapy pool and a 12-seat whirlpool. Our 92-degree therapy pool serves those with specific orthopedic limitations. Members use our 104-degree whirlpool to massage and relax muscles after workouts. Members might also access the saunas and steam rooms in our upscale locker room area, just a few steps from the Aquatics Center.

The Center is open to all fitness members. Members may enjoy independent water exercise, join a class or swim laps. Our aquatics and fitness specialists are available to prescribe a specific exercise routine for any member. Aquatic exercise is an excellent, low-impact activity for those dealing with arthritis, fibromyalgia or other orthopedic concerns.

Our Aquatics Center also hosts swim lessons in private or group settings, for all ages, at any level.

Members may access the pool for lap swim and family swim times. Those times, reserved for members’ convenience, are posted quarterly. Be sure to consult the complete Aquatics Schedule.

For more information, contact the Aquatics Office at 205-408-6533.


Swim Lessons & Classes (click to expand)

Private lessons are offered for beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmers. Professional instructors provide safe, fun and educational swim lessons for all ages. Each instructor focuses on teaching water safety as well as age-appropriate skills.




Private Lessons

(30 minutes)

Member Price:

$100 for 5 sessions

$185 for 10 sessions

Non-member Price:
$115 for 5 sessions
$200 for 10 sessions

Semi-private lessons

(40 minutes; limited to two participants, generally with siblings or friends of similar swimming ability)

Member Price:
$115 per student for 8 sessions

Non-member Price: $135 per student

Tots Transition Class
This class is designed for children ages 6 months to 3 years who are too young for private lessons but whose parents would like them to begin working on basic swimming skills.
Children learn about survival skills to prevent accidental drowning and learn to feel comfortable in the water. If a child is less than 3 years of age, a Parent and Child class is required first. The package consists of 8 lessons that are 30 minutes each. During the first 4 lessons, the parent or
grandparent is in the pool with the child, and the final 4 are the child and instructor only.


$140 for 8 lessons


(Non-members are required to complete a registration form
and pay a $25 deposit prior to being scheduled.)
$160 for 8 lessons

Parent and Child Aquatics Class
Members and non-members are invited to join us for a special experience with this Red Cross-certified class. The instructor introduces the parents and their children to routines that promote water safety and encourage happiness and confidence in the water with interactive games and songs. The class is offered to parents and guardians who have children ages 6 months to 3 years. Parents/Guardians must be ready to enter the water and actively participate in the class with their children. One child per adult only. Each session consists of 8 classes 30 minutes in length. Availability is based on season and interest. This class is usually offered from March until September.



Kids Swim Club (KSC)
Kids Swim Club is for moderate to advanced swimmers ages 5 to 14, divided into four levels to build good sportsmanship and swimmer etiquette along with endurance, strength, stroke, turn, and diving technique while providing a fun, friendly, and non-competitive atmosphere in a class setting. Pre-registration is required. For new participants, you must be swim-tested prior to entry into KSC on one of the designated evaluation days. The minimum requirement is swimming 25 continuous yards(length of the pool) with the child’s face in the water at least half of the time while demonstrating a basic understanding of freestyle.


Wednesday and Friday Seals, Barracudas, and Dolphins 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm, Marlins 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm


$75 per child/session (approximately 2 months)


$80 per child/session (approximately 2 months)

Stroke Refinement Class

The goal of this class is to help individuals develop a comfortable, continuous swimming style through stroke technique refinement. This class improves your breath control, stroke and turn technique, as well as your stroke rhythm. Classes focus on butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, elementary backstroke, and sidestroke with coordinating turns. Classes are offered throughout the year based on need.

Tuesday at 10:00 am or Thursday at 6:30 pm. Maximum
number of participants is 10.

$30 for 5 classes

$45 for 5 classes


Magic City Aquatic League (M*C*A*L)
M*C*A*L is a U.S. swimming program open to interested swimmers ages 5 to 18 years. Swim meets are optional but encouraged at all levels for short and long course seasons. M*C*A*L offers 4 groups: C (beginner), B (advanced beginner), A (intermediate), and A+ (advanced). C introduces the basics of the four competitive strokes. B increases endurance while focusing on more advanced techniques including turns. A and A+ fine tune technique with increasing endurance and more complex sets. Dry land training is offered for A level swimmers 11 to 18 with special skill-building sets during extended practices. We strive to balance the team with activities and family life. Contact Coach Dawn at (205) 516-8615 or e-mail Visit for rates and schedules.

We offer a variety of American Red Cross courses, including swim lessons, water safety, swim instructor certification, and lifeguard certification. Please inquire if interested.

Under Aquatic Exercise and Therapy, keep Water Aerobics and Aquatic Therapy. Replace the rest with this copy:



Aquatic Exercise and Therapy (click to expand)

Water Aerobics
St. Vincent’s One Nineteen’s water aerobics offers both deep and shallow water options. Deep-water aerobics provide high-intensity exercise for those interested in increasing cardiovascular endurance. Although most of the class time is dedicated to elevating heart rates, sessions also include warm-ups, strengthening and flexibility exercise.

Shallow-water classes offer similar activities for those more comfortable with their feet on the floor. Shallow-water classes offer land-based aerobic-type workouts in a low-impact water setting.

Member Price: Free

Non-member Price: $15

Private Aquatic Fitness Training
This class is designed to develop aquatic fitness skills for participants who are not comfortable in the water or would like to exercise in the water outside of a group aquatic fitness class. Participants learn various stretching, exercise, and swimming techniques to prepare individuals for aquatic fitness group programs or aquatic fitness on their own. The package consists of 5 lessons, 30 minutes in length. This program includes a goal sheet, written evaluation, and outside assignments.
MEMBER RATE: $125 for 5 lessons

$140 for 5 lessons

Masters Swim
The Masters Swim program offers a competitive swim workout for adults 18 years of age and older. Each session emphasizes stroke development, cardiovascular exercise, speed, and endurance training. A session includes 12 workouts, each one covering approximately 2,500 yards during one hour of training. Realizing swimmers have a wide range of experience, workouts are tailored for different swim levels. The Masters Swim Program is open to members and non-members.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 5:30 am – 6:30 am


Days and times for the classes can be found on our Aquatic and Group Exercise Schedule.
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